Preferred Caterers

Affordable Catering

Lisa Rolon,  901-744-0123

Carolyn Montfort, Caterer


Central Barbeque

Leslie Vescovo,  901-767-4672

Cindy Krag Catering


Club Windward

Georgia Smith,  901-386-5870

Draper’s Catering

Kathy Draper, 901-385-7788

Fascinating Catering

Marilyn Chadwick,  901-327-3008 –  fax:  901-758-2319

Hog Wild / A Moveable Feast

John Robilio,   901-522-9453  – cell: 901-461-0657

Jim ‘N Nick’s Barbecue

Brittany Bass,  901-336-8764

Me & My Tearoom Catering

Catherine Bowling-Dean,  901-872-7798

Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe

Amanda Panis,  205-482-5182

Pink Flamingo

Amber Lovell, 901-827-3877

The caterers listed above have widely varied menus and will work well with you in planning events large and small.  Each is licensed, insured, and understands the Hillwood requirements.  Each has agreed to accept those responsibilities for you.  If you plan to use a caterer not on this list there will be a $100.00 surcharge, and they must be cleared by the Hillwood Director before you sign a contract with them to serve in our facility.  All caterers must be licensed and insured.

Contact Info

phone: (901) 386-0715
fax: (901) 388-4677
3570 Davieshire Drive
Bartlett, TN 38133
P.O. Box 56
Brunswick, TN 38014

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