Educational Opportunities

Field Trips
All field trips must be planned in advance, and tours can be modified based on what your class is studying. Groups of all sizes can be accommodated. We ask that there are no more than two chaperones per ten children. One chaperone per ten students will receive free admission. Admission is $4 per student and $5 per adult, and must be paid at least seven days in advance. Field trips should be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Field trips generally include a tour of the house and grounds as well as an age specific activity and nineteenth century games. The activity can reflect a specific area of study, if there is one. We habitually lead tours focusing on pioneer life, the Civil War, reflections of life in the past vs. life today, or on specific books. Please look at the Field Trip subheading for further ideas on activities for field trips.

Traveling Trunk
We have developed two traveling trunk exhibits for K-5th grade students. We offer lesson plans on either Nineteenth Century Life or the Civil War. For more information, see our Traveling Trunk Brochure. If you are planning to use one of our trunks, please review our contract, and email to arrange your reservation. If you are a teacher who has used our traveling trunk in the classroom, please fill out the teacher survey and email it to Please look at the Traveling Trunk subheading for further information on how the trunks can be used as well as how they can be used with the Tennessee Academic Standards.

Activity book

Geared towards those teachers who cannot bring field trips to the Manor, this booklet guides the student through various topics relating to the Davies family and pioneer life. Have the student print out the booklet, bring it to Davies Manor, and fill it out as they take the tour through the house and grounds. The standard fees for tours ($3 for students, $4 for seniors, and $5 for adults) apply while using this booklet.

Special Programs
Special programs related to early Shelby County farm life including quilting, gardening, and beekeeping can be arranged with advance notice. Please call 901-386-0715 or email at least one month in advance of your desired date.

Girl Scout Programming
We can offer programs toward the fulfillment of  several Brownie and Junior Girl Scout badges, including:

  1. Her Story (Brownie)
  2. Plants (Brownie)
  3. Listening to the Past (Brownie)
  4. Local Lore (Junior)
  5. Earth Connections (Junior)
  6. Folk Arts (Junior)
  7. Sew Simple (Junior)

Other Programs
We are in the process of improving our educational programming. Keep checking back here for updates, or contact us if you have an idea not listed on this page.