Our two Traveling Trunks are matched to the Tennessee Academic Standards and are designed to bring the museum into the classroom. Click on the Pioneer Life or Civil War links to see the Academic Standards associated with either trunk. We currently have a Pioneer Life and a Civil War traveling trunk. The Pioneer Life trunk has artifacts and activities exploring a child’s life in the 1800s. The Civil War trunk also covers what life would have been like for children during the Civil War along with more specific lesson plans on Civil War experiences. Both trunks are best suited for K-6 graders.

For more information, see our Traveling Trunk Brochure. To rent the trunk, please review our contract, and email daviesmanor@gmail.com to arrange your reservation or call 901-386-0715. If you are a teacher who has used our traveling trunk in the classroom, please fill out the teacher survey and email it to daviesmanor@gmail.com.

Click for a copy of the Pioneer Life Trunk Teacher’s Guide for a look at what is in the trunk and what can be done with it.